In our organization, we will live a set of V.A.L.U.E.S. that will drive our decision making and interactions.  The V.A.L.U.E.S. will become the foundation for everything we do.  They are as follows:

Victors, not victims. We will find a way to succeed

We will find a way to succeed.  There may be times when one or many of us are struggling to move forward or catch a break.  This will not define us.  We will not succumb to the victim mentality where things are out of our control and there is nothing we can do to win.  Instead, we will rise above the issues, problems or concerns and find a way to overcome them.  It may not be fun, it may take hard work, we may have to do things we do not want to do, but we will find a win to be the victors.

Act with respect, consideration, and decency

Everyone deserves and should expect to be treated with respect, consideration and decency.  It is a fundamental aspect of being able to build an interpersonal relationship and develop trust.  Without simple, personal decency and respect, we cannot expect our team to work with each other and for each other.  There is no room in the organization for backstabbing, demeaning, belittling or other behavior that does not foster and environment where people feel respected.

Live with and learn from the choices you make

The life we have today is a result of all the choices we have made up to this point.  If you are happy with where you are in your life, keep making similar choices.  If you are unhappy, you must live with the choices you have made up to this point, but now start making different choices.  It is your responsibility to learn from the results of every choice you make, and use that knowledge to direct your next choice.  You control your destiny with the choices you make.

Unselfish support for each other, our customers and our communities

Unselfish support is defined simply by not keeping score.  If someone needs help, you help them and then move on.  There is no quid pro quo requirement.  If everyone lives by this, you will get the help when you need it.  You will not have to worry about who “owes you one”.  There is no grand ledger for tracking support, just provide the support and know in your heart, someone will help you when you need it.

Everybody matters

This is straight from Bob Chapman’s book, “Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family” Every person in our organization should be given the opportunity to rise to their highest potential.  Every person has gifts that can be discovered, shared and developed.  We need to create an environment where everyone can use those gifts and have a more meaningful life.  Our key to success is showing each person in our organization that we care about them and by measuring our success on how much we have been able to improve the lives of each individual who has come in contact with our organization.

Share the tools, use the tools, be successful

Each person in the organization has skills and tools that are helpful to the organization.  Those skills and tools are the reason you are with us.  In order the for organization to continue to grow and prosper, all us need to share the tools we have with others.  We cannot be successful if we compartmentalize and botte up those tools.  We are all expected to share for the long-term success of the organization.

This simple set of V.A.L.U.E.S. will be our guide listing the criteria for continued success.  Whenever, there is a question about how to act or interact with ourselves, our customers and/or our community, use these V.A.L.U.E.S. to help you make the best choice possible.

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