Machinery will more efficiently process products and offer new designs.

Elkhart, IN – Feb. 17, 2020: Wait Industries, LLC, a private capital investment vehicle focused on the manufacturing space, announced that it has commissioned a new tube laser in its Elkhart, IN plant.

The new tube laser is capable of handling pipe sizes up to 9” round and square tubing a more than 6.25” per side. Its commissioning is part of a $3 million investment in Wait Industries to better serve the Elkhart, IN community.

The installation of the tube laser will allow Wait Industries to more efficiently process tube-based products for existing customers and utilize the unique capabilities of the tube laser to drive new designs that with both reduce costs for customers and improve their products.

With the integrated fully automatic tube loading capability, Wait Industries, LLC will continue to supply our customers with low cost, highly engineered, and high-quality tube products.

Wait Industries, LLC was founded in 2017 for the purpose of acquiring manufacturing assets. Based in Granger, IN, the company is led by Doug Wait.

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